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The Gas Town Mysteries: IN COLOR!

Written by Digby Christian

Recorded at Studio Bob, San Francisco

Cast Stanley Park: Glenn Carlson
Angus MacBlow: Digby Christian
Victoria Renfrew: Marilynn Fowler
The Snitch: Scot Crisp
Albert Renfrew: Glenn Carlson
Alan the Latvian Lover: Scot Crisp
Chief Van Dusen: John True
LuLu Richmond: Terri Dien
The Fence The Baker: John True
Georgia Morningside: Melissa Hutchison
Admiral Whycliffe St. Troy: Mark Atherlay
Series Announcer: Scot Crisp
Producer WHAT You Say Productions
Director Glenn Carlson
Music arranged by Piers vander Groot

Case of the Curious Etching: Vancouver BC radio detective Stanley Park investigates the murder of... a radio detective!

Case of the Abducted Asphalt:Can PI Stanley Park recover Vancouver's roads in time to save the Grand Prix?

The Mystery of the Mysterious Meteorites: Eight dead bodies with signs of scurvy! It could all add up to celestial shenanigans once PI Park charts the world by bathosphere

Of Note Listen for the ridiculous product placements in each of the two minute “daily” installments.