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Caesar and Cleo

By Bruce Kane

Recorded at Studio Bob, San Francisco

Cast Caesar: Glenn Carlson
Cleopatra: Marilynn Fowler
Colitus: Digby Christian
Calpurnia: Amaya Elu
Marc Antony: Randal Wung
Brutus: Seth Sher
Cassius: Perry Whittle
Soothsayer: John True
Producer Glenn Carlson
Director Glenn Carlson
Music Clark Stiefel
Tagline A bawdy, pun-filled, double entendre drenched look at Caesar, Cleopatra and the folks who ran the Roman Empire... right into the ground.
First Lines (Brutus) “Caesar has returned to Rome; the mob treats him like a god.”
Notable Line (Cleopatra) “Tell me, Marc Antony, have you ever played toga-toga-who's got the toga?”
Of Note: Randal also plays Senator #2, Preposterous, the Herald; John also plays Senator #1, Ludicrous, Thesaurus; Perry also plays Ridiculous.
Art Design Marilynn Fowler