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In order for The One Act Players to preserve and further the art of audio theatre, we rely on the generous financial and in-kind support of listeners and enthusiasts.

Your contributions allow us to produce studio recordings, stage live broadcasts, archive classic audio theatre, and showcase new works by contemporary writers. We also fund the One Act Voice Factory Scholarship to encourage fledgling voice actors and secure future talent for the inspiring and rewarding genre of audio theatre.

These are projects of love, produced on the tightest budgets possible, but there are costs associated, and to cover them, we need your help. As the wise man said, “I can make five quarters out of your one dollar.”

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Here are the honored sponsors who have made One Act possible:

Chris Basmajian | John & Jamelle Bejarano | Greg & Janet Buncke | Lori Carcare | Jim Keefe | Big Joe Levi | Bob Lindner | Tony LoBue | Mr. Toad's Studios | Kara Parsons | Jennifer Pratt & Gabriella Remigi | Vices by Proxy | Mark Walker | Jo Walker | Anonymous

Donate $25 or more and receive a gift CD! Donate $100 or more and be listed as a One Act Sponsor AND get a gift CD! CDs available: Sad Princess, Three Skeleton Key, Candy Matson, Justin Thyme, Caeser & Cleo, Did You Hear That? (the best murder mysteries in 10 minutes or less), Sherlock Holmes, The Killist, or the One Act Sampler (includes Flash Gordon, Poison Passion & Petrification, Emperors New Clothes and some other parts of the kitchen sink).

Simply click on the link below to connect to Paypal's simple and secure website (be sure to note which CD you'd like):

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