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Illuminatus! Part III: Leviathan

By Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

Recorded at What You Say Studios, San Francisco

Cast One Act Players
Producer Lance Bauscher
Director Lance Bauscher
Details In 2007 we reprised our roles for Leviathan, Book Three of the Illuminatus! trilogy.

“The longest shaggy joke in literary history.... A hundred pages in I couldn’t figure out why I was wasting my time with this nonsense…after three hundred I was having too much fun to quit, and by the end I was eager to believe every word – even if the only conspiracy at work here is Shea and Wilson’s devilish exploitation of our need to made ordered sense out of everything under the sun.... I loved it.” - Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone

“All the ingredients: kinky sex, raunchy language, and a fantasy plot that oscillated between a schizoid nightmare and a psychedelic dream.” - Booklist

“...akin to some of the work of Thomas Pynchon... Illuminatus! is one of the great American satires.” - Berkeley Barb