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Justin Thyme: The Case of
the Prince Formerly Known as Hamlet

by Bruce Kane

Recorded at Studio Bob, San Francisco

Cast Thyme: Glenn Carlson
Hamlet: Scot Crisp
Ophelia: Melissa Hutchison
Gertrude: Blanca Florido
Claudius: John Mercer
Laertes: Mark Atherlay
Polonius: Perry Whittle
Producer Glenn Carlson
Director Glenn Carlson
Music Clark Stiefel with Pascal Schweren on saxophone
Tagline Take one part Dashiell Hammett, add two parts Shakespeare (or vice versa), and you get the greatest murder mystery ever told; if I were you, pal, I'd take notes.
First Lines (Thyme) “It ended like most of my cases... with everybody dead.”
Notable Line (Claudius) “Now if you'll excuse us Thyme, the Queen and I have to discuss my ascension to the throne... if you know what I mean.”
Of Note Mark also plays Rosencrantz and the fight announcer; Perry also plays Guildenstern and reads our credits; John barely disguises his voice to play King Hamlet and the said same ghost.