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The Sad Princess

by Ana Ripka

Recorded at Studio Bob, San Francisco

Cast Princess: Melissa Hutchison
Fool: John Mercer
King: Randal Wung
Counselor/Marshal: John True
Emperor: Glenn Carlson
Queen: Wendy Tremont King
Bearded Man: Randal Wung
Teachers: John T., Wendy, Glenn
Producer Glenn Carlson
Director Glenn Carlson
Music Ron Sorbo and Jack Waldenmaier; arranged using the Sonic Fire Pro system by Piers vander Groot
Tagline The world is not black and white, nor endless shades of grey, but filled with the most beautiful colors; if only she could see them.
First Lines (King) “Today a daughter, a princess, an heiress to my Kingdom is born.”
Trivia This is the first English language translation and performance of Ana Ripka‛s play. The play has been staged by the Romanian National Theater and broadcast over Romanian National Radio.